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What is Billiard Football?

Are you looking for something new?

Do you think you have already tried everything?
Then pay attention, because here is something totally different!
We are proud to present the completely unique Billiard Football!

What is Billiard Football?

Billiard Football – Billiard Soccer is an exeptional combination of football and billiards.
Great entertainment at any events, festivals, indoor and outdoor.

This brand new sport in which billiards meets the world’s most popular ball game is greatly entertaining and can be played by anybody regardless of age.

Billiard Football could be a great and popular attraction at your events,
because it offers a sensational entertainment for everyone!
It is not exhausting at all, you don’t have to run lots of miles or wear football equipment!
You only have to focus on one thing: to have fun!

It can be played by 2-6 or more people on a huge billiard table with artifical grass surface and with special footballs.
It is a great oppurtunity to challege the family members, group of friends or colleagues!

Billiard Football is a favourite for the kids too!
Billiard Football could be a great and popular attraction for children of any age.
Father vs. Son/Doughter? Grandfather vs. Uncles? Teachers vs. Students?
The children will love it!

Success is guaranteed!

Billiard Football is a game based on the rule of billiards but intsead of a billiard cue you have to use your feet or head!
You don’t have to be a professional football or billiards (pool) player,
the important thing is that you have fun!

Lets play Billiard Football!

Technical information:
Details of the tables are available when you click on the images.

We recommend

We recommend Billiard Football to:

- clubs, pubs
– golf clubs
– amusement arcades
– hotels
– waterparks, beaches
– parks
– special events
– team-building events



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We are the pioneering Manufacturers and Exporters of Billiard Football Tables and Accessories and we thrive to provide products adhering to International Standards. Our company has a team of dedicated, specialized and experienced work force.

Quality control:
Our products are made in the EU, Hungary, and go through strict quality checks in the post-manufacturing phase, to filter defective products before they hit the market. It is due to our uncompromising standards and prompt service skills that we managed to enter the international market.

Our company provides excellent after-sales services to ensure the complete satisfaction of our valued customers. Our customers’ delight is guaranteed by our dedication, prompt service and great sense of fairness when it comes to treating people.




VoetPool Sziget Fesztivál T-Systems Cisco Telekom Würth Magyar Biliárd Szövetség Focifesztivál 2013. Budapest Gyógyfürdői és Hévizei Zrt. Dürer Park Fővárosi Állat és Növénykert Millenáris Park V. KEK (Kárpát-medencei Egyetemek Kupája) 2014. Footgolf



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